Since most summer schools offer reading, mathematics, and language arts, a student who has failed in one or more of these subjects in any of the three marking periods of the report card will be required to take a remedial course during the summer. Summer school also may be recommended due to poor performance on standardized tests or in the classroom.

In May, a list of available summer schools in the Archdiocese will be available upon request. Whenever the administration becomes aware of quality programs suited to the specific needs of a child, the principal or the teacher will notify the parent directly.

The summer school Report Card must be submitted to the office at the conclusion of the program. Failure to attend summer school will result in retention or dismissal from the school. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide documentation that summer school has been successfully completed. In cases in which tutoring is allowed for the remediation, it must be undertaken by a qualified teacher and a written report must be sent to school.